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Zhongshan-Chaozhou cultural exchange week kicks off

2016-05-19 18:21 来源:南方网

Zhongshan and Chaozhou cultural exchange week was started recently. To illustrate the cultural charm of the two cities, a week-long large scale cultural exchange activities will be held in the two cities respectively from May to November.

It is introduced that Chaozhou and Zhongshan will co-sponsor two cultural exchange weeks in 2016. Cultural exchange activities will be held in Chaozhou and Zhongshan respectively in the first half and the second half of 2016. The cultural exchange activities include an exhibition of calligraphy works, a craft work exhibition, a cultural exchange performance, and an exchange meeting of literature and art creation.

Chen Xu, Chairman of Zhongshan Literature and Arts Association, expressed that both Zhongshan and Chaozhou are national famous historical and cultural cities, and are representatives of Xiangshan culture and Chaoshan culture. In history, the two cities have close connection in economy, and have recognition and integration in thoughts and culture. Zhongshan has been providing counterpart support to Chaozhou since 2013, which tightens the connection and widens cooperation opportunities between the two cities. The cultural exchange activities are expected to spread excellent culture of the two cities.

编辑: 木水

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