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Jieyang to learn the new phenomenon of German

2016-05-19 18:27 来源:南方网

"There are a batch of entrepreneurs driving their BMWs to learn German at local night’s school." Chen Dong, Mayor of Jieyang told media members about the strong connection between the city and Germany at the second press conference of the 4th Session of the 12th Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress this Thursday.

Chen said Jieyang has connected with the DNA of Germany's manufacturing industry. The city jointly built the Sino-Germany SMEs Cooperation Area with Technology Park Berlin Adlershof, Germany’s leading Science and Technology park. It also created a Germany’s High-end Technology Cooperation Centre, and a center to introduce retired German engineers. He said a strongly connected Germany’s “friend circle” has been established in Jieyang since deeper interaction of the both sides has emerged.

Guangdong's governor Zhu Xiaodan vowed to build Guangdong as the strategic hub and center of trading and cooperation under the “Belt and Road” Initiative when he delivered the government’s work report outlining the work of the 13th Five-Year Plan at the opening of the 4th Session of Guangdong Provincial People's Congress on January 25. Mr. Chen said the city chose to cooperate with Germany is benefited by China’s “Belt and Road” Initiative. He admitted the cooperation with Germany has just started. The goal of Jieyang is building a manufacturing superpower which backbones Guangdong’s manufacturing industry.

Chen said that it is likely to witness a new phenomena in Jieyang that Sino-German cultural relation has been strengthened. "We plan to build free-cost night school for citizens learning German. A lot of applications have been made." He said.

编辑: 木水

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